The importance of samples

Samples are required in the academic writing line of work mainly because they help the clients in checking whether the company they are hiring for the job meets their demands or not. Most of the companies make false promises to clients regarding their work, and when the client receives it, they feel that they have been betrayed. That is why most companies now provide samples of their work, so that clients can easily choose whether they wish to hire them or not. At, we are dedicated to providing the best services to our clients, and we do not want to keep our clients under false pretences.

That is the reason for this page, as it provides our clients with various samples of our writing skills, and helps them in deciding whether they wish to choose us or not. Here are a few samples:

An empirical study on the motives behind social networking sites:

“Primarily, web based services which allow users to create their own unique profiles, get in touch with others and make ‘friends’ through the use of online media is known as a social networking site. The main purpose of this paper is to identify seven different motives behind the reason as to why so many people have now moved over to social networking sites, and how it is affecting the lives of others..”


“Based upon the initial investigation and the literature review, a questionnaire was set up for further information. The initial investigation resulted in an email being sent to several different users, which requested them to send a brief amount of words regarding the usage of social networking sites, and what they expected of them..”

Use of technology in the health care sector

In the past few decades, health care has been greatly revolutionized by the introduction of technology. At present, health care is heavily dependent upon the use of highly innovative electronic gadgets. These have a variety of different purposes, such as getting the blood count of a patient, all the way leading up to the sole reason for keeping a patient alive, in the case of a heart lung machine. Telemedicine has now taken substantial steps in to becoming one of the most popular examples of information transfer, such as in the case of patients’ CRT scans, MRI pictures, etc..”

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