Reading Books Effectively

When did you read a book with pleasure for the last time? How many books have you read during the last year? If the answers for these questions make you sad, don’t fall into depression too fast: you probably just didn’t pay attention to this.

Here are 10 tips on reading books which will help you gain what you’ve lost in the past.

1. Read Only Books You Like

Book Reading Recommendations

If someone strongly recommends you to read a certain book, and you just can’t start reading it no matter how you try, then it is not your book. Reading it will not bring you anything but making yourself do something unpleasant and wasting your time in vain.

If you need to read a book about any precise topic according to your work, you can choose the one which is the easiest for you to read it. In that case, reading process will be pleasant and useful.

2. Devote Time for Reading

Waiting till the moment “when I’ll have free time” you will never make it. Nobody is able to start reading like that. Yes, you can read while being in a transport. But the speed and noise of mega polis doesn’t allow one to concentrate on the reading stuff.

Find your personal, precise reading time. It is better to fall into the book while being in a calm surrounding, where you can relax and get your satisfaction of reading.

For instance: you can try denying to read social media statuses while being home in the evening, and devote some time for books instead. Good reading brings you significantly more of something useful, than eating that fast-food info from the Web or TV.

3. No Distraction While Reading

Reading is a complicated process of getting and understanding the information. If it is important for you to get as many new knowledge and thoughts from the book as possible, concentrate on the process and don’t allow yourself to distract on something aside.

4. Reading is Sports

Reading doesn’t just mean the process of getting info. When you read, your brain works in the way much more active than while you watch films. Movies give you a ready-made picture already, the only thing to do is to watch. Reading requires from your mind to constantly construct and visualize new pictures and worlds.

Because of such an active brain working, there are more knowledges, thoughts and ideas left with you after reading a book. This process is a sport for your mind. A sport, which develops a personality of the human.

And the more you read, the more you get addicted to this sport.

5. Make It Your Habit

The habit means the behavior you got used to, and a behavior becoming a personal need in a certain situation.

Reading is one of the best habits every human can get. The more you read, the more you develop your personality.

6. Find Your Book Expert

Everyone needs teachers who could help moving forward and avoiding mistakes.

You need your reading guru, too. You’ll be on the wave with this expert, and that person will supply you with interesting and useful books. Moreover, this human will be able to understand the meaning of books you read more deeply.

7. Master Speed Reading Skill

Speed reading technique

Speed reading is not only about the process of reading fast. This technique is about a better understanding of the text first. And only then one can talk about the fast text perception.

8. One Book at a Time

The more books you read simultaneously, the less is your concentration on each separate writing. It turns into reading just for reading in that case.

Reading only one book at a time will let you concentrate on it and to start a new one more shortly.

9. Read with a Notebook

If you read a serious book, which means analytic reading, you need to have a notebook nearby. Write down the main theses, ideas and quotes there.

You’ll remember moments noted in that case, and the additional info will come next to them. As a result, you’ll be able to remind yourself all the necessary details once looking into a notebook in future.

10. Mix Styles

Try changing styles of books you read. Otherwise, you’ll get bored of reading pretty soon. Go for something easy and entertaining after reading serious literature.

It’s just like studying: literature after mathematics, then physics, then biology, etc.


A little piece of advice.

To get dived into the book totally, ask yourself about new knowledges this book might bring you and about benefits these knowledges could bring you in real life. After you answer these questions, you’ll understand this book to be your road to new possibilities. Stop denying your reading!

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