Improving One’s Self-Esteem

It is a fact, that the lowered self-esteem is harmful for a person, as it leads to the various negative results. In this article, we are going to take a look onto the effective ways to recover one’s self-esteem. It will be interesting to a wide range of readers, as it contains tips that can help everyone. Ways described below will help to get self-confidence and to make one’s life full of harmony.

Why Can Self-Esteem Lower?

Low Self-Esteem

Because we all live in the egoistic society, where everyone wishing to be better than others (or to look like that for others or oneself) is likely to “lower” others.

Human lowers other person’s self-esteem only because of having lack of self-confidence for themselves, and they try to compensate this by suppressing others, using all the available ways, direct or indirect ones. People with normal self-esteem will not call others “lower” or “worse”; they understand everyone to be different and unique, having their own place and role in this life. The idea of “I’m better than someone” is a sign of the big ego and ignorance, and nothing more.

How to Estimate Yourself Correctly?

Before looking at the ways to rise one’s self-esteem up, we need to say a few words about the right self-esteem in general. In order to estimate yourself correctly, it is required to throw emotions away and to look at the situation objectively, with your mind. It happens the way when human reads “smart” articles about self-esteem and starts thinking of themselves as of a God. This, of course, looks curiously from the side in one way. If things go worse, then this vision causes lots of problems to the human in future.

Estimate yourself objectively. Don’t think you can cheat your life with autosuggestion: this might work first, but later on everything will be balanced, and everyone will get what is deserved. Losers are those people who got a big piece of a pie in their past, but they’ve got this piece from their own future, and now when the future turned into present, they left with nothing

That is why the best way to rise one’s self-esteem up is to work upon a personality: to improve one’s features of character, to get better in this or that activity, to do good things, and to estimate oneself higher as a result of real efforts. The thing is: it is better to be a good person and to do good, then there will be no problems with self-esteem. The idea of cheating a life is nonsense, you better refuse it at once.

Methods described below are points of wisdom our authors gathered from the Internet.

How to Increase Self-Esteem?

  1. Refuse Any Destructive Criticism or Self-Criticism

Destructive criticism is the negative estimation of a person, actions or events, that means trying to impose one’s point of view to the world. Imposture me3ans violence, and life doesn’t like violence. So, do not waste your energy on something that will turn against you later. If you can’t live without criticism, then change its shape from the destructive one to the constructive one, which helps to correct the situation.

  1. Refuse Negative Thoughts

Stop terrorizing yourself with destructible instructions. Thoughts create our future: we get what we constantly think about. If one thinks about bad, he gets bad; if to thing about good, you’ll get good. Feed yourself with positivity and spread it around, this is an effective way to increase your self-esteem.

  1. Stop Blaming Yourself

Stop blaming yourself and trying to find justifications. If you have done something wrong and someone blames you for that, just recognize it as a fact. Does anyone need unnecessary emotions and justifications? “Yes, I did wrong. Yes, I will get better.” Don’t get yourself trapped into a guilt feeling, it all is in the past. Stay in your present and think about future in a creative and positive way. This way of thinking is the most optimal one for the human.

  1. Communicate with Positive and Self-Confident People

Positive Person

They do not try “lowering” you or pushing on you. Choose or rebuild your environment, because your self-esteem and confidence depend on it directly.

  1. Go in For Favorite Activity

Find the activity which brings you real happiness and satisfaction. If you can’t say that about your work, then you need to find a hobby that will give you a feeling of life being lived not in vain. By doing something you really like you’ll get self-confident and maybe find your sense of life, and this significantly increases person’s self-esteem.

When the human knows what they like and is busy with a favorite activity, they life happy, using their abilities and talents, and their problems with self-esteem simply don’t appear.

  1. Be Patient About Yourself

While changing oneself, and implementing a new positive model of behavior in life, one wants to get immediate reward for these actions. But it is needed to take into account, that in the material world the effect is divided form the cause by some period of time, and the reward does not always come at once.

  1. Plan Your Future

Put real (and achievable) goals, write down real steps towards their realization, and implement them regularly: this is an effective way of finding one’s self confidence. Do not delay things for tomorrow, and do not allow your mind think on more that it is actually needed. Our mind is likely to think a lot of unnecessary thoughts and to find reasons of “why not to do that”. If your mind (or intuition) says “need” and “that way”, then this is actually needed to be done that way.

See more tips in the upcoming article!

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