How to write a global warming essay

A successful ingredient for an essay is a controversial subject. Global warming is a topic that has been added to the list of controversial topics in recent years: abortion, God and evolution are being neglected in favour of looking at the scientific argument over global warming. With the increase in essays on global warming, you will want to make yours stand out from the rest – a cliché essay with a cliché conclusion will not set you apart from your fellow students, so you need to make sure that your essay is memorable and effectively communicated.

An essay on global warming will need to have extensive scientific research from a range of sources. You can look at how levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have correlated with a rise in temperature, and how the destruction of the ozone layer has been as a result of the industrial society we find ourselves living in. However do not take these matters as a given – there are just as many arguments against these factors as there are in support of them, so make sure that you look at both sides of the argument.

If you want to spark controversy with your essay, a good way to word your title is along the lines of ‘Global warming is a myth’. For this essay, you don’t necessarily have to believe the standpoint yourself – a sign of a strong debater is that you are able to write from a viewpoint contrary to your own. You may even find that you convince yourself when you do the research!

At a lower level of writing, students will fail to look at the validity and reliability of their research sources. If you are using online resources, make sure you know where the research has come from – simply quoting a Wikipedia page is not research! Try not to rely on the internet too much, either, as you are unlikely to find a website that is totally neutral in its reporting on global warming. A good resource is your local library, as they will have a variety of books written by distinguished scientists that you can quote in your essay. Using a range of sources will give more credibility to your essay, too!

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