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This is the second part of the article about self-esteem and self-confidence improvement. Check the additional 13 tips to get better.

Stop Pitying on Yourself

Complying Person

And the others. If we feel pity, then we confirm a human to be unable to cope with a problem, we say life to be unjust and anyone could become a victim next time. If you can help someone – do that, but don’t tune yourself up on a negative way of empathy and sorrow, because this is the way of doing things worse for both you and the others. Attempts of getting empathy and pity on oneself (instead of a real help) mean that the human wants to satisfy an unconscious wish “the others can’t be better than me”.

Be Thankful

Be thankful about presents form your fate. People often think blind fate to send good to someone like them, the ones who are not worth it. But fate never makes mistakes. There only is a time delay, and humans are not always able to understand what was this good coming for. When accepting your fate’s gifts, continue doing good and share your positivity with the others, and you will get more and more good in return. This way of interaction with the world is the most effective one.

Don’t Be Overconfident

Asking someone for help is not a sign of one’s weakness, but the sign of a wisdom. The weak feels shame here and gets a loss. The strong asks for support once they feel it is needed, because they never refuse to help anyone if they can do that, and the help actually makes sense. We can solve problems which life puts in front of us, but who said that a person needs to do that alone? This goes the opposite: cooperation with the environment is the way to success. Find your support, and you’ll get many times stronger, become confident and learn how to trust your world.

Love Your Demerits

Love your lacks and ills. Any problem makes us stronger once we overcome it, not resist it. Resistance towards the situation only makes it stronger, because a person does not try to take it, but pushes the problem away. This results into the absence of solution. The correction is possible only if to take situation as it is. Deal with problems that appear, this will increase your self-esteem level significantly

Take Care of Your Body

Body is not clothes which can be changed any time you want. Keep your body clean, cure and avoid illnesses. Ill person is always weaker that the healthy one. Why to create additional problems for yourself? Get rid of all diseased as soon as you find them inside, don’t delay this till later

Finish All Your Tasks

Unfinished tasks lower one’s self-esteem and confidence, remind about weakness and defeat. Never quit anything halfway, then you won’t have any reasons to blame yourself for. This is a perfect way of gradual increase for your self-esteem.

Don’t Circle Up on Having Things

Anything that belongs to you can suddenly disappear or break sometime. The more expensive this thing was, the more this lose will weaken you. Same thing goes to people one tries to make “their”: people can leave any time, and the addiction is what stays. That is why be thankful for everything and everyone you have, but don’t get addicted to things.

Stop Showing Your Own Importance

Do not try showing your importance and pretending to be better than the others. If you are not who you try to demonstrate, people around you will “put you on your place” and you’ll look silly. Additionally, you’ll sooner or later find someone who wants to measure abilities with you, and you can lose shamefully. This will not be useful for your self-esteem for sure.

Overcome Your Fears

Fears are the main factors that destroy one’s self-confidence. Try doing things you were afraid to do really often, but be reasonable and serious at the same time: nobody needs your craziness.

Help People

Helping Others

Help the others, be useful to a society and tune the others onto a positive wave. This will add you some confidence, and you will not think of yourself as a loser once you see that you are useful to others

Act Decisively

Do not look back and do not think of past failures. Concentrate on your goal and go to it bravely; then once you reach it there will be no need to increase your self-esteem.

Get Your Wisdom

Try to answer the most complicated life questions: “Who am I?”, “What do I do here?”, “How does it all work?”. Get your own answers for them. As you find out more about your own personality, your fears and worries will vanish, you will get self-confidence and won’t have troubles with self-esteem.

Love Yourself

Love yourself now and forever. You are the unique person with your own special bunch of qualities and abilities. You are a part of life, with your own place in it. You are what you need and want to be. If to understand this, your self-esteem gets better, doesn’t it? So, never wait for that bright moment when you’ll earn your own love. If to think that you are not worth it, this moment will never happen.

Of course, there are many other ways to improve your self-esteem and to gain confidence. These tips are only a small part of possibilities one can get from the world around. All that is needed – is your will to seek for them. You can do it.


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