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9 Strange but Working Tips for Good Sleep

Sleeping Human

You probably know all the widespread tips for good sleep. If they don’t work for you, here are 10 strange but working ways to go to the dreamland. Maybe, something from this list will become your personal salvation.

1. Drink Cherry Juice

Scientific researches proved that the concentrated cherry juice makes you fall asleep 30 minutes faster averagely. The thing is, cherry contains lots of melatonin: a hormone that is responsible for regulation of human’s sleep, Bonus: this hormone slows down your getting old.

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Reading Books Effectively

When did you read a book with pleasure for the last time? How many books have you read during the last year? If the answers for these questions make you sad, don’t fall into depression too fast: you probably just didn’t pay attention to this.

Here are 10 tips on reading books which will help you gain what you’ve lost in the past.

1. Read Only Books You Like

Book Reading Recommendations

If someone strongly recommends you to read a certain book, and you just can’t start reading it no matter how you try, then it is not your book. Reading it will not bring you anything but making yourself do something unpleasant and wasting your time in vain.

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Tips on Car Trips

Car Trip

Automobile trips are attractive, because they are not connected to transport hubs, railway stations and airports. They give you the possibility of changing plans directly on the road. But there are some features traveler should be prepared to.

When thinking about the car trip, one wants to find as new car as possible, to provide it with technical examination, to serve it and to predict some nuances in case of malfunction. This is how it should be in one’s ideal trip.

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How to Improve One’s Self-Esteem p.2

This is the second part of the article about self-esteem and self-confidence improvement. Check the additional 13 tips to get better.

Stop Pitying on Yourself

Complying Person

And the others. If we feel pity, then we confirm a human to be unable to cope with a problem, we say life to be unjust and anyone could become a victim next time. If you can help someone – do that, but don’t tune yourself up on a negative way of empathy and sorrow, because this is the way of doing things worse for both you and the others. Attempts of getting empathy and pity on oneself (instead of a real help) mean that the human wants to satisfy an unconscious wish “the others can’t be better than me”.

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Improving One’s Self-Esteem

It is a fact, that the lowered self-esteem is harmful for a person, as it leads to the various negative results. In this article, we are going to take a look onto the effective ways to recover one’s self-esteem. It will be interesting to a wide range of readers, as it contains tips that can help everyone. Ways described below will help to get self-confidence and to make one’s life full of harmony.

Why Can Self-Esteem Lower?

Low Self-Esteem

Because we all live in the egoistic society, where everyone wishing to be better than others (or to look like that for others or oneself) is likely to “lower” others.

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