9 Strange but Working Tips for Good Sleep

Sleeping Human

You probably know all the widespread tips for good sleep. If they don’t work for you, here are 10 strange but working ways to go to the dreamland. Maybe, something from this list will become your personal salvation.

1. Drink Cherry Juice

Scientific researches proved that the concentrated cherry juice makes you fall asleep 30 minutes faster averagely. The thing is, cherry contains lots of melatonin: a hormone that is responsible for regulation of human’s sleep, Bonus: this hormone slows down your getting old.

2. Stroke Your Belly

It is often difficult to fall asleep because of feeling a tension. Smooth strokes are what could help you relax.

3. Strain Muscles

Another way of getting your muscles relaxed. Strain your feet & fingers, then relax them. Do the same with calves, hips, buttocks, abdomen and so on. Such local witching from strain to relaxation will help you to relax the whole body. If you don’t want to strain the whole body, then try doing this exercise only with your foot fingers, repeating 7 times.

4. Look Through Your Day in Reverse

For one of our writers, this is a really effective way: he says he could not reach the morning once. The thing is to look through your day in reverse using your imagination. For instance, you got into a bed, and you start thinking about how you got under the coat, how connected your cellphone to its charger, how you washed your teeth before going to bed, how you watched movies etc. If you are lucky enough, you can get to your morning like that.

There is a technique for productivity, it is called “day revision”, but once they mention about it, there is a warning: it is really difficult not to fall asleep while reminding oneself about the past day. This can be a good cure for insomnia.

5. Make Your Sleep Device

In France, there is a device for a sleep: a small light-blue screen which pulses in a rhythm of your breathing. It is not too difficult to make one for yourself. Just measure your relaxed breathing rhythm and create a video according to it. Then play it on a smartphone or a tablet while being in bed. Nowadays there are different apps for iOS and Android, based on this trick.

6. Watch Movies

In 1987 in USA, there was filmed the movie called “A Cure for Insomnia”, which was the longest movie until 2006 according to Guinness book. In that movie, one man read his poem during 3 days and 15 hours. That’s all. This film was probably a good thing to make someone sleep, and if you could find it – that would be perfect.

7. Read Books

No, not those exciting romances. Choose something scientific. It is better if the writing style was complicated enough and full of scientific terminology. Yet don’t start getting into it by visiting Wikipedia and reading every paragraph you could not understand 10 times in a row.

8. Listen to Music

Music for Sleep

There are people who are OK with white noise, and if it does not irritate you: there are numerous white noise tracks in the Internet. If you don’t like it, then play special sleep compositions, sounds of nature or monotonous songs. There are lots of them on YouTube, you can even find compilations of “music for sleep” there.

9. Sing

Some parents who sing lullabies to their children notice, that singing helps to fall asleep not only to children, but to parents themselves as well. So, try choosing a calm song you know well and singing it in the bed. You can just whisper it even, in order to awake nobody. Additionally, singing helps strengthening throat muscles. Their weakness is often the reason of humans’ snoring.

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