How My Writings Help Me Make a Living and Many Other Life Hacks Here

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Speaking frankly, but for my good old friend’s push, I would never start my career of blogger and web content writer. What could I be at the moment if I didn’t have my own website and all that experience, listed accurately in my CV of a budding perfectionist? You know, the thing is that I have the clear answer to this question. But what makes me really optimistic is that this is just the answer, just the words, but not my reality.

Yet, I am here not to philosophize. Alright, not only to philosophize. I am here to share what I have learnt from my studies, jobs, and people who used to stay or are still staying by my side. I am honestly walking my way from the underground school paper writing service (as my friends and I called it and where I was one of the most expert writer) to my big goal, shining so bright above the horizon. That is why now I am here to prove that it is in our power to find what we are looking for and to enjoy our lives.

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How It All Started or the Short Story of Our Underground School Writing Service

It is really short, because our undertaking didn’t prove very enduring and effective actually. However, my school friends, who are much more serious people today, and I, who might still be getting used to this seriousness, consider it was our first business and consulting experience. Simply put, we sometimes helped our mates write their school papers. Essays for English classes were my duty.

Nonetheless, after several months somehow we all found part-time but “official” jobs, so we simply didn’t have time for others. But those were the months I realized that writing skills would stand me in a good stead if I happened to decide that the employment agency had no decent jobs to offer me.

At college I was lucky to face with writing in all its shapes and sizes. Besides home assignments, I worked on many extracurricular projects, including those I got at work. So, this blog is going to be a kind of storage of my impressions, experiences and conclusions. Hope, you will recognize some of yours here and find my support or solution for your issues.

About This Blog and How It Changed Me

I used to keep a paper notebook where I could write down all ideas that came to me unexpectedly. But when I had an opportunity to speak them out loud or just to muse over them in silence, I noticed that some of them sound too personal, and therefore quite biased.

One day I decided to google them and find out what other people think about those things. And I was surprised by the facts that a) I’m not the only one with certain ideas in this world; b) there are plenty of tiny details about them which I should comprehend and research better.

Live and learn. That is the motto I stick to in my career in general, and this blog in particular. So, here is what I am going to discuss:

  • whether it is rational and profitable to choose the writer’s path nowadays;
  • where you should look for your motivation and what exactly it can be;
  • how you can encourage yourself to achieve success and find your place in the world;
  • why you should care about your relationships with people (very different people);
  • what you should know about yourself;
  • plus, many interesting new, tendencies, phenomena, and so on.

A Few Words About My Inspirer (Who Wished to Remain Unknown)

If you are reading this, you should know that I do thank you for your advice and support. I wish everyone on the Earth met such person as my friend at least once in their life. He is a highly-qualified IT specialist, enthusiastic supporter of artificial intelligence, experienced traveler, and just a great guy!

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In the end, I guess I could reveal one secret of mine. Actually, I am supposed to be a Computer Engineer now. A real one. I even have the document that confirms this. Think you know what I mean. So, from the technical point of view, blogging has become rather obvious to me since I heard about it for the first time and made all its peculiarities out. However, until recently, I couldn’t even imagine how to approach it from the creative point of view.

The more I learnt, the more clearly I understood that I need to learn much more. So, follow my latest findings and updates in order to keep abreast of the freshest life and writing tips and news. Thank you for staying with me!

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